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Mr. Cub and the Presumptively Void Transfers Act: What if?

Ernie Banks, “Mr. Cub” passed away in January of an apparent heart attack.  Only three months prior to his death, Banks executed a new Will cutting out his family and leaving his estate to his longtime caregiver, Regina Rice.  Within … Continue reading

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Litigation Regarding the Late Robin Williams’ Estate Highlights the Importance of Specificity in Estate Planning

Actor Robin Williams’ sudden death on August 11, 2014 shocked the world and left his family heartbroken.  Yet even heartbroken families may dispute a latent ambiguity in an estate plan when the stakes are high enough.  Williams left an estate … Continue reading

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Rest in PC

The New York Times Magazine has a (long) article on people whose estate plans include “online executors” to manage their social media accounts when their iPhones are finally pried from their cold, dead hands.  Because you’re not really gone until you’ve … Continue reading

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